Powering the Industrial Pulse of the Middle East: Sustainably and Reliably

The industrial sector stands as the backbone of modern economies, and in the Middle East, this sentiment echoes powerfully. At Dayim Equipment Rental Co, we recognize the sector's twin demands: unwavering performance coupled with sustainable operations. Our curated range of equipment, encompassing both innovative eco-friendly solutions and reliable conventional machinery, is designed to meet these exacting standards, enabling industries to navigate today's dynamic landscape with confidence.

Whether you're involved in manufacturing, processing, or other industrial domains, our diverse fleet — including state-of-the-art manlifts, versatile scissor lifts, and more — ensures that your operations are conducted with efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility at the forefront.

Our Equipment Range

Equip your facilities with our sustainable generators, optimized for consistent performance and minimized environmental impact.

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Catering to diverse material handling needs, our forklifts, whether electric or low-emission, promise efficiency with reduced carbon footprints.

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Offering both conventional and eco-friendly options, these lifts ensure safe elevation for various tasks, all while keeping energy consumption in check.

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Our robust cranes, durable boom trucks, and other traditional machinery guarantee seamless execution of foundational industrial tasks

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Optimized for energy efficiency, our storage solutions ensure your materials are safeguarded with an eco-conscious approach.

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From CNC machinery to hydraulic systems, our blend of sustainable and traditional tools ensures meticulous operations.

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Championing Industrial Excellence in the Middle East

Holistic Offerings

With a portfolio encompassing both green and traditional equipment, we're poised to meet varied industrial requirements, ensuring no compromise on efficiency or sustainability.

Regional Expertise

Our intimate knowledge of the Middle East's industrial landscape translates to unparalleled insights, advice, and 24/7 support.

Safety & Consistency

Each equipment piece undergoes stringent checks, ensuring impeccable performance and user safety. We prioritize uninterrupted operations and your team's welfare.


We view the future through a green lens. Continually updating our lineup with the latest sustainable innovations remains a core part of our mission.

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Your Trusted Solutions Provider in the Middle East